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Beau comme un lundi

Beau comme un lundi

Beachwear and beach accessories for women. Gentle for the planet. Made on Bali with love. French design.

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Beach bags, baskets, long dresses, wide-brimmed hats… So that your Mondays look like your Sundays. Inspired by a bohemian lifestyle, is all about natural materials, colorful prints, fluid and soft fabrics.

Beau comme un lundi works in close partnership with our suppliers. They grow together and their suppliers are well compensated for the high quality of their work.

Handcrafted in Bali from natural materials, each piece is unique and is crafted using time-honored techniques, passed down from mother to daughter on the Island of the Gods. A heritage that seduced us at beau comme un lundi as they combine work with pleasure, and human with tomorrow!

Their clothes are packaged in fabric bags, the straw used in their baskets is naturally biodegradable and we prefer to transport our goods by boat.