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Betty Zine

Betty Zine

Female focused surf ZINE. Surf and ocean culture by and for water women. Creative pursuits, stories and everything in between.

Betty Zine

The first lockdown was when Betty was created. No surfing and many stressful, confusing and strange feelings—Betty was thought up as a way to channel those feelings into creativity and connection, making something a meaningful collaboration as we were all kept separated. Betty was intended just to be a fun and positive record of that unusual time!

Betty Zine accepts submissions from people from all waves of life: you don’t have to be professional and there is a space for everyone. Betty loves showing you off!

Since the first zine, Betty has hosted surf meetups, movie nights, art exhibitions and other events to bring our community together and champion our talent.

Team Betty is made by Steph Brookes, Rachel Lewis and Zofia Seymour. They are juggling this passion project along with their full time other jobs and roles so bear with them as they try and learn how to run a small business and continue to bring you awesome content and events.