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Blue Booby

Blue Booby

Blue Booby is a new clothing brand, focusing on sustainable surf & skate wear, predominantly designed for women by women.

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Stephanie Ellam started Blue Booby with the primary aim of making attractive, well-fitting surfing and skate apparel available to ALL women.  

While Blue Booby is essentially designed for women of the surf, skate and ocean lifestyle, don’t worry we have you guys covered too! Surfers, both female and male, are looking for new and unique brands that bring quirky designs to the market, rather than the big-name brands whose apparel are often made overseas.

Blue Booby’s designs are fresh and distinctive and locally sourced.

Stephanie knew she wanted to be as environmentally sustainable as possible when launching the Blue Booby brand. Being avid ocean lovers, she believes this is an important direction in which to take fashion.

With this in mind, all garments are either made from 100% recyclables - Salvage range, Earth-positive range or organic materials. 

All products are packaged in compostable mailers too!