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Follow The Sun Art

Follow The Sun Art

Ocean inspired paintings, prints, & other fun stuff. Online painting classes.

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Anastasiya Bachmanova is an artist, environmentalist, adventure seeker, and mom living in Santa Cruz, California. She was raised in St. Petersburg, Russia and Philadelphia, PA before taking on studies at California State University of Monterey Bay. In 2013 she received a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Studies, specializing in a combination of environmental science and fine art. Soon afterwards she established “Follow the Sun”, her creative undertaking which aims to share a message of conservation with the community.

Her passion is to experience the outdoors via surfing, climbing, hiking, and other adventures, and her inspiration comes from moments of connection to her surroundings - the life, the colors, the energy. Anastasiya translates these moments into paintings that are true to their subjects, yet enhanced with an expression of her personality - using bright colors and flowing lines. As they progress, the paintings evolve with intuitive and intentional brushstrokes.

She believes that nature has the ability to teach us many life lessons if we allow it. The oceans, rocks, and trees are symbolic, and the animals we share the world with are much like us. The blank canvas is a tool to share her thoughts and opinions on what is important, what is worth protecting, and what is so magical about a certain moment or place.