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Her Surf Nutrition

Her Surf Nutrition

Non-diet nutrition strategies for women who surf looking to regain energy, overcome burdensome digestive issues and stop restricting food.

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Holistic Nutritionist; Yoga Teacher & Bachelor of Human Kinetics.

Learning to surf was one of the hardest things Leah Donatiello had ever done. It took her 3 years (!!). Now it’s basically the reason she gets out of bed in the morning.

Out on the water she quickly came to realize (as many of us women do) that there can be lot of obstacles when it comes to surfing, especially for women. We have to manage crowds, unsolicited advice, drop ins, tangled hair and bikini mishaps.

To make things more complicated, Leah did not know how to fuel her body and she was constantly tired.  

She is here to make sure that your lack of energy, bloating, or simply not knowing what to eat for best performance, doesn’t make it on to that list of obstacles.

And from that intention, Her Surf Nutrition was born.