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Into Her Waves

Into Her Waves

Lukus, Founder of Into Her Waves, commits 4% of their profits for every purchase of the Sunscreen Wipe Out Pads to the Coral Reef Alliance.

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Meet the Sunscreen Wipe Out Pads, reusable sunscreen remover, and face cleansing pads.⁠ They will remove the stubborn waterproof residue off your face, including deep down in your pores, facial folds, and your hairline too. These ultra-soft pads glide smoothly off even on dry and sunburned skin. Just add water, and voila!

Into Her Waves is on a mission to make small meaningful changes to reduce our environmental impact. Their mission is to create surf care products that are high-performance, reusable, natural, and minimalist that is good for you and the planet.

They strive to create products that are thoughtfully designed for female surfer needs on and off the water that is reusable, natural, and minimalist.

Luxurious surf care should not be at the expense of the environment and mistreated workers. Into Her Waves has partnered with a small factory where the majority of their workers are women. Into Her Waves ensure that they are paid a living wage on time, have safe working conditions, zero discrimination against females would be tolerated, and most importantly, no child labor.