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Little Sea Gypsy

Little Sea Gypsy

Maui-based jewelry business that uses Tahitian pearls and shells for it ocean inspired jewelry.

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Suzi Tucker is an all around water women and artistic designer that can find beauty in everything and everyone. She feels blessed to call Maui her home, this is where she has found her true self. This beautiful island she calls home, allows her to play in the ocean, surf, paddle canoe, SUP, snorkel, and swim. This is where her creative self has flourished and she started her jewelry business. 

You will find Suzi in the sea or collecting beautiful things to create gorgeous and unique jewelry pieces that carry the mana of the Hawaiian Islands to all that it adorns. Her pieces are created with shells, Tahitian pearls, and semi-precious stones combined with sterling, 14k gold and rose gold fill. She hand solders, hammers and designs ever single piece she creates. She puts every once of passion and love she has into what she creates with the hope of making everyone that wears her jewelry feel that much more loved, beautiful and unique.   

When you do what you love and know your passion you can design a product that makes what you create as beautiful and unique as its creator.