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Mermaid Mana Art

Mermaid Mana Art

Surf board artist. Ocean centered designs, up-cycled boards. Plus a product line featuring close up images of the art in note cards, art that can be framed, and mermaid mana logo hats and totes. 

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Mermaid Mana is the stoke, magic, and pure joy that comes from building a relationship with Mother Ocean. Mana IS spirit and life force… 

When you take time to align with the salty underworld you can tap into relief, insight, and joy.

It’s a choice… when you Sea the Magic, you can BE the magic. 

Leanne Tibiatowski believes in harnessing the energy of a board’s history, giving respect to the OG artist (the board builder) and, of course, the surfer who rode it.

Each painted surfboard is handmade with love and intention.