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Mourning Surf

Mourning Surf

Moving with you through the waves of grief. Movement-for-grief workshops lead by J’aime Morrison, dancer, choreographer, widow.

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When J’aime lost her husband Jim, she was deeply comforted by the grief support groups and talk-therapy she had found. But something was missing for her: physical experience was not being addressed. She felt the pain of grief in her body. As a dancer, choreographer and educator in movement and somatics, J'aime knew a few things about movement.⁠

So she started to move, in various ways. J'aime let her body inform her. She started becoming aware of the pain points and started moving with them. And it wasn't limited to just dance. She was also moving her hand on blank pages (writing) and moving her body through the waves (surfing). Movement has always been her passion, but it became J'aime's salvation on her mourning journey. ⁠