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MoxieCali was started by Kim, a design geek by profession, with the support of her husband Lucas. Inspired by their surroundings in San Francisco they both love to use t-shirts, especially, as an outlet for their observations of everyday whimsy, travel, adventure and nature. Kim does most of the design work, crafting fresh made shirts, and sourcing the best vendors to deliver the coolest sundries, while Lucas helps with concepts and quality control.

This venture has been a long time coming. Over the years as, they would muse and observe the everyday crazy and their beautiful adventurers, they would often hear themselves say that would make a great shirt. A few years ago they started keeping track of some of these ideas, and in 2017 during a road trip they felt like it was time to take the first step and turn these ideas into a reality. Kim's degree in design and experience with silkscreening as well as many different types of printing methods gave them a solid foundation to start. As with all new ventures they’ve learned quite a bit. This desire to learn, improve and strive for a high standard means they can deliver quality shirts and more that you’ll love.