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Salty Girls Surf School

Salty Girls Surf School

Australia's first all-female surf school. Water adventures designed for you. 

Visit Salty Girls Surf School. Located in New South Wales, Australia.

Founder, Belén Kimble-Fuller learned to surf at 15 while living in California. After graduating high school she worked at Water Girl, the world’s first all-female surf shop and taught surfing at Surf Diva, the first all-girls surf school. She went on to teach for all-girl surf schools in Costa Rica, Canada and Hawaii. Her talents in the water and her passion for the sport led her to a career as a Billabong-sponsored professional surfer/free surfer. She spent the next 15 years travelling the world filming for movies and magazines promoting women’s surfing.

In 2007, after moving from Hawaii to Australia, Belén founded Salty Girls Surf School. It brought together the things she loves most: the ocean and inspiring women to overcome adversity to achieve their goals and dreams.

Since then, Salty Girls Surf School has introduced women of all ages to the sport and spirit of surfing in an encouraging, fun environment. Belén is also passionate about the environment and helps to educate students about environmental issues and supports companies doing their part manufacturing healthy, ethically and environmental friendly products.