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Sayulita Yoga Center

Sayulita Yoga Center

Graziella Jones is a certified lyengar yoga student who has been practicing yoga for over 22 years. In 2008, Graziella took upon a teacher training in Iyengar yoga and was certified in 2014. Her love for this subject shines through in her teaching. She is compassionate guiding the student to honor their organic body.

Visit Sayulita Yoga Center.

Sayulita Yoga Center will be your favorite place to practice yoga in Sayulita. One feels the serene atmosphere upon entering Sayulita Yoga Center, enhanced by our friendly staff and a peaceful color scheme. 

Our studio is a beautiful, clean space to take a yoga class while in Sayulita. Sayulita Yoga Center provides air conditioning keeping the studio bug free and dust free. We provide all props including mats, or feel free to bring yours.

The emphasis of Iyengar yoga is based on alignment which is useful in the management of achieving Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, and Balance.