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Seafoam Surf

Seafoam Surf

Women's stay-on surfwear with a heart for sustainable & ethical production. Made by ocean women.

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Seafoam® was launched by founder, Stein, in September 2015 with just 3 surf bikini brands, solely funded by personal savings. The idea of Seafoam grew from the trouble of finding bikinis and surf wear that would stay on while hitting the waves. 

Seafoam aims to offer sustainably produced surf bikinis, leggings and suits for all sizes and shapes. Surf wear thoughtfully designed by ocean-loving women, tested and developed for all who want to spend their time in the water without having to worry about wardrobe malfunctions.

Seafoam is dedicated to protecting our ocean, which we all love so much. While a big part of our pieces is already made with recycled materials, we aim to stock solely eco-friendly materials by 2021. Since launching, we have made more eco-friendly choices in our packaging and shipping.