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Sunset Surf Trips

Sunset Surf Trips

Anna Soderlund, co-founder of Sunset Surf Trips, offers guided surf trips to the hidden gems along the coast of sunny Montañita, Ecuador.

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Sunset Surf Trips knows all the breaks and will take you there. They have 25 years experience surfing Ecuador, and will paddle out with you to each surf break and will explain each one, channels, tide changes and take off spots, etc.

They offer surf trips to all levels and their guide Henry, who is a national champion in the Masters division will make sure you score the best waves during your trip! Anna is passionate about getting more girls out in the water.⁣⁠

Sunset Surf Trips wants you to experience the best of Ecuador and will show you where to eat, the best bars and clubs if you’re up for a fun night out, or if you have any other preferences or questions! 

If you want to surf the best waves Ecuador has to offer, avoid the crowds and have a great time- Sunset Surf Trips is the answer!