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Taga Lawa

Taga Lawa

Fresh water surf + SUP instruction on gorgeous Lake Ontario. Yes, you can surf a lake!

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Services include personalized sup surf lessons and coaching, flat water sup, wave forecasting, and surf consultations.

Robin Pacquing is a rock star! Check out her credentials. Including Paddle Canada Advanced SUP Certified instructor and ISA Level 1 Surf Judge. 

She is the daughter of parents who grew up in the Philippines, with traditional connections and practices sa kanilang lupa at tubig - “to their land and waters”.

Like many immigrant stories, they settled in Canada for a “better life”. Together, her pamilya navigated, explored, grew, fished, and gave respect to Turtle Island.

Their story matters because she is the continuation of her Ancestors.

Her home was never far taga lawa - “from the lake”.

Over time, kind people taught her about the waves, and showed her community.

Robin learned, explored, made mistakes, learned more, and feels her soul beam whenever she's in the water.

Robin wants her students to take what she can show them, and make it theirs. She wants people to understand, respect, and feel the healing power of being in the water so they too may share special moments with family and friends safely, and with so much joy.