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The Movement Junkie

The Movement Junkie

Unlock. Unwind. And Awaken Your Flow.

The Movement Junkie

Come move, play and unlock your fears. Awakening your inner freedom, joy and love within SELF. Join a mind and body session or adventure retreat.

Paleena Moyer is a movement junkie. She is curious and adventurous and views life as a journey to be embraced rather than a list of rigid demands to be accomplished. She has discovered her life’s balance in nature, and through the vehicle of her own healing journey – one that required her to dive deep within herself. 

As a result of a series of broken bones, ligament tears, bulging disks, multiple concussions and surgeries, Paleena was ready to listen to her body’s wisdom.

Learning to find her breath was the key ingredient to her success in healing from 17 broken bones, finding ease in her back without surgery and overcoming disabling digestive discomfort. Her breath empowered her to be more present and aware and taught her how to give back to the body that she’d taken for granted all those years.   

The freedom Paleena found in her own body led her to want to share these limitless possibilities with others.  And so that’s just what Paleena has done! She has been studying and teaching Yoga and Pilates since 2005, became a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach in 2009, and submerged herself into the world of yoga therapy, studying with some of the most unique teachers in the world becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist in 2014.