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Vey Apparel

Vey Apparel

ECO-conscious and ethically made surf apparel that stays in place.

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VEY bikinis are made for surfing so you can focus 100% on catching the wave of your life.

  • carefully designed and made in Bali, Indonesia.
  • timeless designs for all female bodies.
  • regenerated nylon for less impact on our earth.
  • fair and ethical production.
  • small family factory where the workers earn enough.
  • biodegradable packaging.

In 2010, Regula Aebi decided to exchange her snowboard with a surf board and moved to the island of Bali. It is here, where she eventually met her Balinese husband Angga. She helped him to set up his private surf coaching enterprise and started to develop an interest in making surf bikinis that were especially designed to meet the needs of surfer girls. Most international surf brands where still focusing on lifestyle rather than functionality and she knew that this is what she wanted to change with her brand.

After running the company for 5 years together with a friend, they decided to go separate paths. Regula sold her part of the company in 2019 and started to follow her dreams of launching her own VEY OceanFairMade Apparel. While keeping her well-known designs, she was now able to grow as a designer and change the production to be more sustainable. It is her and VEY’s vision to combine functionality and fashion that promote both the individual beauty and strength of a modern, environmentally conscious surf women.