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Vital Surf Gear

Vital Surf Gear

Sustainable surf attire for powerful water women. 

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As founder of Vital Wetsuits, Keera Belviy was inspired to cater to ALL woman in the surf industry. Being tall and full bodied herself, she set out to design and source the cleanest and greenest resources for a high-functioning wetsuit that offers a broader range of sizes for all women. She wanted to make sure Vital Wetsuits embodies all shapes but also made the right environmental decisions, which lead us to partner with Yulex!

Similar to neoprene, Yulex is a stretchy, durable, FSC certified, renewable rubber neoprene that keeps you warm and protects you from the sun. Traditional limestone neoprene uses 23x times more kilowatts to manufacturer. We didn't want to contribute to more pollution if we can avoid it.

Additionally, we have partnered with ‘See Turtles’ non-profit organization, a portion of every purchase helps fund programs to help conserve and patrol turtle nests around the world. 

Rest assured, our packaging used to ship your Vital Wetsuit, will be plastic-free to be mindful of our carbon footprint even further. We truly care about the air we breathe and the water we float in which is why it is important to make sure our brand reflects those values.

As the owner of Vital Wetsuits, it has been a passion to design and cultivate a surf brand dedicated to empowering women. My business is completely self-funded and independently owned. I find it truly essential in this day in age that there be a surf brand showcasing all water women in their truest form while keeping the planet in mind as well.