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Wave Alchemy Surf

Wave Alchemy Surf

Wave alchemy wellness. Facilitating empowerment through health and surf coaching. Personal health food chef. Rockstar single mom.

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As a health and surf coach Kate Fox has designed an online surf class. covering topics such as mindset, moving through fears, wave science, and etiquette. The goal is to prepare us for the best possible experience in the water! She also does personal coaching in or out of the water and teaches at a number of retreats throughout the year.

With a love of all things water Kate began competitive swimming at age 5 and her first job was as a lifeguard/ swim instructor. Graduating College with a degree in Marine Conservation and outdoor education, she moved to Hawaii and learned how to surf. Kate has 15 years of surf experience riding a wide variety of boards and waves. For the Pacific Northwest she prefers (but is not limited to) her 9’6” log for summer and her 6’3” swallowtail for winter. 

Dancing, gardening, and cooking are some of her other passions. It is also Kate’s desire to share her knowledge of diet and exercise to support our most fun and efficient lifestyle.  Kate Currently resides in Southern Oregon with her spunky daughter Madeleine and their tiny dog Nico. She dreams of travel and empty peeling barrels. She is excited to be sharing her love of surf and healthy living and desires to see us all living our best lives.