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Women Make Waves

Women Make Waves

Women Make Waves is all about Women. They create gatherings made to help you connect, explore your limits and strengths while having loads of fun in a safe, supportive and loving environment, close to the ocean.

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Women Make Waves is a work of love by women aiming at empowering women, communities in need and supporting the planet through mindfulness, connection and surfing.

It is about empowering women by creating an environment that is favourable to reminding women how driven, powerful and wise they are.

As they rise and step confidently into who they truly are, Women can lead by example. WMW aims at inspiring Women to reconnect with their True Self and become the Creators of the Life they truly envision for themselves.

By tuning into their own vision, Women will Transform the life of others as they become Inspired. They will show their brothers, their sisters, their children how to lead a life aligned with their definition of freedom.

In supporting Women in their unapologetic chase of the Dreams that are rightfully theirs, WMW will create a ripple effect that will grow into a wave of inspiration and creation.