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My Story

I grew up in a small town in upstate NY on the Hudson River. While we had a lot of snow, and I got to ski incessantly, there were no waves nearby. But from a young age I dreamed of someday living by the ocean and learning to surf. 

Later in my life I started spending time in Sayulita, Mexico, and now I live on the beach there with my husband Ron, and our feisty dog Mango who we rescued off the street in Patzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico. 

It was in Sayulita where I finally got to learn to surf - at the age of 50! I instantly fell in love with the pure magic of being in the ocean, away from the daily grind, breathing in the fresh air and sharing smiles - and the waves! Not to mention the great surf community. 

I have founded a few start-up businesses in my life, and I know first hand how much work it takes. Whenever a small independent business has the opportunity to promote their business directly to its community via Facebook, Instagram and other social media, sometimes the posts, recommendations by others and links to the recommended businesses, services, products, retreats and more get lost in the ongoing posts and threads.

So I decided to build the Surf Sister Collective website to help collect a group of businesses created by women surfers, give them a home and let the world discover them.

This is a new endeavor, so I'm happy to hear any feedback and suggestions. Feel free to send me a message via our Instagram @surfsistercollective. ~ Jill Tomich